The AVID AIR® air purification system provides efficient odor, bacteria, virus, mold and VOC (chemical odor) reduction. The AVID AIR® unit mounts flush into a wall or ceiling providing an effective and completely inconspicuous air purifier.

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BRU-25PHI-CELL®220 VAC5.25″ w x 2.75″ d x 16″ hView PDF

The Problem:
Indoor air pollution is now considered by the EPA and Congress to be one of America’s most serious environmental health problems. A variety of commercial spaces present significant microbial risk to employees and customers. Cleaning regiments may not be enough to completely and continuously provide sanitary and safe indoor environments.
The Solution:
The AVID AIR® Unit by RGF is tested and proven to drastically reduce air and surface borne odor, bacteria, virus, mold and VOC (chemical odors). Airborne bacteria and mold reduction is proven to exceed 90 percent in challenging indoor environments.
The Technology:
The AVID AIR® Unit utilizes RGF’s Photohydroionization® proprietary technology which creates airborne hydroperoxides by targeting UV light on a hydrated quad-metallic target. Once installed, Avid Air® purifies the entire indoor space.

• Provides continuous treatment within the installed space
• Designed for commercial locations
• Designed to mount flush to the wall or ceiling
• Heavy Duty 16 gauge brushed stainless steel fascia for long life and durability
• Security screws to protect against tampering and vandalism
• Hard wired
• Securely mounts to wall as thick as 1-1/4″ (with no additional mounting hardware)

• Restrooms
• Hotel Rooms
• Locker Rooms
• Dressing Rooms
• Basements

Model #BRU-16
Dimensions5.25″ w x 2.75″ d x 16″ h
Electrical115 VAC 50/60Hz 11W*
Fan Volume9 CFM
Weight2 lbs.
MaterialAluminum/Stainless Steel
Advanced OxidationLess than .04 ppm
Replacement PHI Cell(1) PHIC-5GA
Treatment AreaUp to 800 sq ft

*220V 50Hz available


No. 187-M1986