Protect your patients and surgery against bacteria, viruses and infection outbreaks


With the increase in viruses and bacteria which are resistant to treatment, the cleanliness and disinfection of health establishments is prevalent. Looking clean in no longer enough, it is essential that the nosocomial pathogens are removed from clinical environments, eliminating the risk of transmission.

When treating lots of patients in the same environment the risk of cross-contamination is high in all areas, from the waiting room to the dental chair. It is therefore important that dental practices both appear clean and are clean to the microbial level.


The fight against Healthcare-associated infection (HCAI) is always important whether you are a NHS or private practice. Our products can be used in all clinical areas, microbiologically cleaning all surfaces and leaving a residual layer to keep protecting them.


In as little as two hours after cleaning or disinfection, people and air in the environment can begin to re-contaminate the surfaces. In addition to the cleaning and disinfection provided by traditional cleaning products, our technology leaves a residual antimicrobial layer. This residual, non-toxic layer continues the fight against harmful pathogens for days after use, significantly reducing the risk of re-contamination.


This “residual protection” is safe to contact by people and leaves the surfaces protected from future infection. Once the area has been cleaned with our products, it will not only look and smell clean, but it will be microbiologically clean and protected. Providing a safer environment for patients, visitors and your team.


To maintain infection control, we also offer a hand-washing sanitiser which removes harmful microbes and provides protection for up to 24 hours from a single application.

Nigel was contacted to come to our facility to eradicate a Norovirus outbreak. We found Nigel to be very professional, honest, and efficient in both his approach and in performing his service.

Maureen Kelly, Croston house care team.