Air Sanitation System To Fight Against Second Waves of COVID 19

Air Sanitation System To Fight Against Second Waves of COVID 19

On 11th May, Certain groups in UK were encouraged to return to work and people were allowed to go outside to exercise multiple times a day. June saw the reopening of non-essential business outlets, households mixing outside, certain year groups returning to school, reopening of indoor hospitality venues and ease in social distancing guidelines.

On the 4th of July pubs, cafes and restaurants in the UK opened their doors for customers. This has sparked warnings of a second wave of COVID-19 infections. Experts have repeatedly warned that the relatively swift easing of lockdown restrictions in UK risks cases rising again.

There is a high inherent risk of second waves of COVID-19 infections as lockdown measures as eased and people of all demographics, from homeowners, business owners, staff and customers are asking what can be done to avoid this risk. We deal with many such enquiries on a daily basis and are increasingly asked how our expertise assessing and specifying/retrofitting HVAC improvements and the use of our advanced air purification system can help reduce COVID-19 infection transmission and what makes our system different to the myriad of other options out there. It is clear the scientific community agree that in addition to social distancing, wearing masks and contact tracing measures, improved ventilation performance and air sanitization measures, perhaps combined with real time IAQ monitoring is also necessary to allow building occupants to feel confident risks are being managed properly and indoor spaces are in fact healthier.

Effective Ventilation Performance

Effective ventilation delivers dilution and displacement of indoor air with fresh (and filtered) outdoor air. This process can help eliminate build up of pollutants and contaminants on the indoor air and ineffective ventilation will do the opposite, leading to sick building syndrome risks. Effective ventilation performance can help reduce viral and bacteria organic loading in door spaces although it should be noted that it will not physically remove the particles – it will just move them and it will not do anything for surface deposits. We are experienced HVAC contractors and we have specialized in providing solutions that improve IAQ over the past 7 years – the very solutions that are now being demanded by government guidance and the scientific community. The vast majority of existing property stock in the UK is built to minimum ventilation standards and generally does not meet the performance requirements that are now being suggested. For existing buildings we can help building owners, FM managers and homeowners quickly understand their HVAC system performance and what measures may be necessary to retrofit improvements. For new builds our supply and fit total solution ensures effective ventilation performance for those who occupy the completed building.

Air Purification – Passive Systems

The vast majority of air purification systems are passive. These include filtration and chamber based systems that require the air to pass through them in order to be treated. One of the main problems with passive systems is they do not offer real time protection to virus or bacteria transmission in the air or on surfaces. A good example of this is the recent Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Athens where 12 passengers acquired the SARS-CoV-2 virus during the flight in an aircraft with HEPA filtration.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters filter out particles that are as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99+%. However, viruses such as COVID-19 virus are far smaller than this so they can pass straight through and back out into the air.

UV Lights

UV-C is considered a genuine solution for COVID-19. The problem with this however is that efficacy of UV-C is only effective very close to the light source (within 5 cm) and has no effective against moving airborne particles. This is known science to experienced HVAC contractors like us who have worked with in-duct UV-C systems for many years. UV light strength is inversely proportional to the square of the distance to the light source.  This means that the UV-C light solutions that are currently being proposed for indoor spaces will not in fact be very effective at all.

Active Air Purification System – The Most Effective Way To Fight COVID 19

Better Indoors active air purification systems by pass these risks. Our technology is not passive and in fact turns an entire indoor space into a purification chamber by distributing safe concentrations of naturally occurring ionized oxidisers throughout the indoor space, treating all of the air and surfaces on a continuous basis. The distribution reaches into every cubic cm of air and surface space so is effective everywhere at all times. The efficacy of our technology has been tested by many nationally accredited laboratories and is proven to destroy bacteria and deactive viruses instantaneously the moment they are exposed to the treated air. The “sneeze test” demonstrated an immediate 99% reduction in airborne bacteria growth rates and an immediate 94% reduction in surface bacteria growth rates in any part of the treated air. Originally developed in response to bio-terrorism threats in airliner cabins post 9/11 in the US no passive HEPA or PCO system can perform like this.

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