Improved Productivity Benefits of Active Air Purification For Workplaces

Improved Productivity Benefits of Active Air Purification For Workplaces

Better Indoors’ active air purification technology constantly purifies all the air in a space at the same time makes breathing easier and making people more productive. From mitigating bad odours to destroying viruses in the air and on surfaces, installing our active air purification will improve the environment in any indoor workplace from offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses and factories, food processing plants to salons and clinics and public transport.

Advanced Air Purification to Eliminate Odours

Odours usually impact negatively on indoor environmental comfort. The smell of chemicals, smoke, cooking, mould and mildew, pets etc can create an undesirable experience for workers and visitors and can ruin the interior atmosphere. Our advanced air purification technology offers a total and permanent solution to odour control, often completely clearing the most persistent smells in a matter of hours.

Advanced Air Purification for Viral Infection Transmission Control

The COVID-19 emergency has brought into focus the importance of infection transmission control for all of us. Our technology is proven to instantly destroy any type of virus iemitted onto the air from breathing, talking, coughing or sneezing or deposited onto surfaces by touch. It differs from passive/filter systems which have no effect in the air or on surfaces. Our systems allows workplaces to eliminate the risk of infection transmission, leading to significant economic and social benefits – improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, no deaths from transmitted illness acquired after patients are admitted to healthcare/care home facilities, reduced HVAC maintenance costs, improved economic viability of facilities etc.

Elimination of Bacteria, Mould & Mildew

Better Indoors ventilation solutions maintain indoor relative humidity at levels where mould and mildew cannot develop and grow. However, there will still be millions of microscopic mould spores and other organics lurking in the air and on surfaces. Our advanced air purification technology constantly breaks down and destroys these microbes on contact, thus creating a constantly sanitized environment. This is a great option storage facilities, food processing plants, warehouses, buildings with basements or crawl spaces etc.

Relief From Summer Allergies and Winter Colds & Flu

Summer allergies affect millions of people in the United Kingdoms and are a major cause of chronic illness as are winter colds and flu. Our advanced air purification technology removes from the air and surfaces the viruses that cause colds and flue and the particles that trigger summer allergies, such as pet dander, pollen, dust mites and more. Hospitals, clinics, dental practices and other health facilities benefit from this.

Advanced Air Purification that is proven to Increase Productivity

Reduced or eliminated infection transmission in workplaces, hospitals and care homes and reduced absenteeism in schools increases productivity. In an environment with clean indoor air, workers, vendors and customers or patients will generally feel more energetic and healthy. All of these factors means an improved bottom line and better business.