Leasing & Finance

How should we finance our air purification technology?


You may like to consider the lease option to finance the installation of the active air purification technology.

We work in partnership with Plus Finance Ltd, the UK’s market leading specialist in arranging finance packages to businesses buying equipment.

Leasing is a simple, tax-efficient way of financing your project and is an alternative to paying upfront.  Leasing often means that projects can get going straight away, without having to wait for capital to become available, and it lets you preserve cash flow with easy-to-manage fixed monthly repayments.


Key Benefits of Leasing


  • Helps cashflow – no big cash outlay means you keep cash within your business to invest in other revenue-generating projects
  • Payments are 100% tax allowable against taxable profit
  • Fixed payments for accurate budgeting and forecasting
  • Get the best solution now by spreading the cost, rather than being restricted by your current capital budget
  • Leasing is quick to organise, usually within 2 to 3 days


The finance landscape is changing; businesses are moving away from traditional methods (bank loans & overdrafts) and increasingly looking for ways of making their cash work harder for them through alternative finance options.  Better Indoors is pleased to offer our clients innovative funding plans including:


Lease rental


This product allows you to rent the equipment. At the end of the lease term you can either upgrade the equipment, return it or negotiate ‘ownership’ for a small fee. Terms are available between 2 and 5 years and fixed payments help you pay for the equipment as you benefit from it.


Lease purchase


This allows you to pay for the equipment as you create revenue from it but you still capitalise it on your balance sheet.  This allows you to benefit from any capital allowances available.  At the end of the term the equipment automatically belongs to you. Terms available from 2-5 years.

For more information, please contact a member of the Better Indoors team today on 0333 014 7669 or email info@betterindoors.com