Portable Units

RGF’s Rapid Recovery Unit® (RRU) is the ideal solution to resolve malodor issues of all types and can be used to rapidly and effectively treat many problem areas during daily maintenance and housekeeping operations within occupied spaces. The luxury hotel, cruise ship, property management and HVAC industries have taken a proactive approach in utilizing RRUs to clean, disinfect and deodorize guest rooms and suites, common areas, meeting and function rooms, and to clean vents and ducting after regular duct cleaning.

The Mobile Pro Plus Air Purification System provides odor elimination for the professional. The advantage of the RGF® Mobile Pro Plus is its ability to go from the car, boat, or recreational vehicle to your home, office or hotel room. To use this product in a hotel room, home, or office application, simply use the AC adaptor to operate the unit using your electrical outlets. In hotel rooms, for example: simply plug the unit in, set the timer, leave it running while you are out, and enjoy the wonderful clean and fresh air upon your return. For best results, incorporate air movement with fans/air conditioner. The Mobile Pro Plus is a treatment system and not a continuous filter. It is designed to treat specific odor, bacteria, and mold problem areas of non-occupied areas.