Positive input ventilation unit

The Dri-Eco-Heat-HC a is a home ventilation solution suitable for properties with a loft space. It that provides relief from condensation and dampness issues in the home.

Cures condensation
Suitable for homes with lofts
Whole house application

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The DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC provides whole home ventilation for properties with lofts. The unit is mounted in the loft-space, drawing air through the filters and inputting it, at ceiling level, into the property.


The DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC uses Positive Input Ventilation, where it draws in fresh air at a continuous rate in a loft space and inputting it at ceiling level into the property. An integrated heater tempers airflow to ensure comfort throughout the whole property.

The ceiling diffuser contains a 7 segment display so you have complete control without having to crawl into your loft space. The unit is also fitted with an internal temperature sensor to boost air volume or switch to standby when the loft temperature reaches certain levels. This unit’s integral radio frequency receiver allows additional functions with optional remote and wired sensors and switches.


Cures condensation dampness
PIV removes humidity from the air, preventing mould growth.

Improves indoor air quality
G4 filters inside the unit prevent external pollutants such as pollen and traffic fumes from entering the home, as well as expelling internal pollutants caused by cooking and cleaning.

Occupant controllability
A remote switch is available to provide the occupants control of their own comfort within the home.

Optional additional sensors
Remote carbon dioxide detector and relative humidity sensors will automatically raise the fans speed when set levels are measured to maintain good air quality.

Radon gas control
Helps reduce and maintain low Radon gas levels.

400W heater
Lowest wattage heater on the market.

Health benefits
Clinically proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers.

Easy & simple installation
Typical installation time under one hour.

7 year warranty; 1 year parts and labour, remaining years parts only.


Full product brochure
EU technical Information
User guide
Weight50 kg
Dimensions100 × 200 × 20 cm