PoziDry Pro™ with Heater

Positive input ventilation with heater

Control condensation and mould growth with this positive input ventilation unit. It is simple to set up and the variable speed control allows the unit to be effective in properties up to 150m2.

Reduces condensation and mould
Ultra low sound level
Anti-Vibration joist mounting
Standard 5 year guarantee

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The PoziDry Pro™ with Heater is the perfect solution for landlords, contractors and homeowners. Installation is easy and cost effective as they can be installed straight from the box.

A hanging kit and adjustable legs and feet are included for installation. Its silent operation and unobtrusive design make it suitable for all applications.


The flexible heater option allows the heater to be located at either unit or diffuser level. Locating the heater at diffuser level can save up to 4°C of heat loss. The product’s unique filter choices makes improving indoor air quality easy.

Choose from G4 or F7 filter options providing filtration down to PM2.5 which includes diesel particulates. Push fit connections make filter attachment easy during servicing.


Legs offer flexibility when fitting and guarantee silent running.

Flexible Feet
Allow the PoziDry Pro™ to be installed across two joists or along joist offering simple easy installation.

Moulded Handle
Makes carrying PoziDry Pro™ safe and simple. The handle also allows you to change the pitch of the PIV if hanging kit is used.

PoziDry Pro™ is unique in offering F7 filters which filter down to PM2.5 which includes harmful diesel particulates.

Smart Efficient Heater
The efficient heater can be flexibly mounted at the unit or at the diffuser increasing the heater entering the habitable areas by 4°c.

Smart Sense™ Technology
Easy set up and smart data logging capabilities all accessed via the intuitive 3 button menu.

Standard 5 year guarantee.


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Weight50 kg
Dimensions100 × 200 × 20 cm