Better Indoors AOP Mini

Ideal for offices, receptions, lobbies or basements and can be placed against a wall or function as ‘stand-alone’.

The AOP Mini contains patented core technology which utilizes super oxide ions, hydro peroxides, passive negative ions and uv light targeted on a hydrated tri-metallic target to develop an advanced oxidation process.

Indoor air pollution is a big problem

Indoor air pollution is major public health emergency. Tightly sealed buildings, rooms and homes may be more energy efficient but also can trap pollutants and microbes indoors causing: odours, moulds, allergies and illness. Our standalone Air Purifiers with AOP technology have proven to drastically reduce airborne pollutants: microbes, odours, mould, spores, bacteria and viruses (in the 90+ percentile).

  • AOP Micro is perfect for private use, small offices, waiting rooms, patient rooms etc.
  • AOP Mini is suitable for somewhat larger spaces: offices, classrooms, entrance halls, basements, etc.

AOP Micro and Mini units are either stand-alone or easily mountable on walls. Just plug in to a power outlet and start enjoying cleaner indoor air.

The AOP Micro utilizes a UV light core enhanced by a hydrated metallic compound target to produce an advanced oxidation process consisting of hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions and hydroxides to continuously cleanse the air and help in the reduction of particulates. It effectively destroys and reduces airborne pollutants, bacteria, viruses, mould and odours from mold, mildew, sewage, smoke and fuel.

• All electronics are sealed
• Minimal maintenance
• Low energy usage, non-chemical, enviro-friendly product
• On/Off Switch

• Ideal for offices, waiting rooms, patient rooms, classrooms, entrance halls, basements
• Drastically reduces sewage odours and fuel fumes on yachts and cruise ships
• Bacteria, virus, VOC, mould and mildew control