The REME ION is the latest development in air treatment technology

The REME ION utilizes a high intensity broad spectrum light waves directed on a sintered catalytic radiant grid which creates an advanced radiant catalytic air ionization that is radiated through a room in complete silence.


Microbials, gases and odours are oxidized and eliminated from the air we breathe. The air in your room and/or small office is a possible source of contamination, allergic reactions and bad odours. With the REME ION featuring its innovative oxidation technology and modern stylish design, you can drastically improve the quality and pureness of the air you are breathing and improve the quality of your life.

Sanitizes 74 m3 air in 24 hours

The REME ION is highly effective against: Airborne bacteria, moulds, funghi, spores, all kinds of odours including pet and smoke odours and fine dust.

  • No fan
  • No moving parts
  • No maintenance
  • No filters
  • Ultra low operating cost (only 11 watts)
  • Safe ions and oxidants silently travel throughout room
  • Oxidizes bacteria, mould, viruses and VOC’s.
  • Oxidizes gases and odours
  • Purifies the air up to 74 m3 (in 24 hours)
  • Provides clean fresh air

The patented technology of the REME ION utilizes a broad spectrum Ultra Violet (UV) lamp inside the unit that reacts when directed onto the hydrated sintered catalytic radiant (rare metal coated) surface surrounding the bulb. This reaction releases an oxygen atom, which changes the molecule of water (humidity) from H2O to H2O2, which is in essence vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide also called “hydro-peroxides”. Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring element in the atmosphere that gives us that clean crisp smell after a thunderstorm or in the forest. This advanced oxidation plasma (AOP) is very effective in organically changing the virus, bacterium, mould spore, or odour molecule, attaching itself to them and killing them. Once the reaction takes place with the contaminant, it reverts back its harmless constituents – oxygen, CO2, water vapour etc in the air. The technology improves the air quality in any indoor environment and is the perfect IAQ solution for any room or office. To learn more about AOP effectiveness and independent test results click link on Products / Advanced Air Purification / Lab Test Results.

• Eliminates odours, viruses, bacteria and mould spores
• Eliminates non-particulate allergens
• No moving parts and low maintenance
• No filter or cartridges to change out
• Light weight and compact
• Can be used as a night light while purifying the air
• Portable and easily moved from room to room
• Operates completely quiet with no noisy fan
• Energy efficient and low cost of operation using only 11 watts of power
• 115 or 220 volt operation

The REME ION is the perfect fit for:
• Kitchens to reduce cooking odours
• Pet areas (cat litter room) to control odours
• Nurseries or baby’s room
• Offices to keep the air sanitised
• Basements for eliminating mould and musty smells
• Hotel rooms to deodorise and sanitise pet areas, bathrooms, basements or nurseries.
• Any bathroom in the home or office