Incredible Technology

The remarkable engineering of uHoo allowed nine air quality sensors to be packed in a tiny device the size of a coffee mug. Powered by a high-performance ARM-based processor, uHoo helps you take control of your air. Also have the peace of mind that your data is safe with uHoo’s 128-bit encryption via SSL.



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Why do I need Better Indoors ?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

You need uHoo to help protect your family and/or your employees from the harmful particles in the air. uHoo does that by detecting the air quality in a room at any given time and providing you with minute-by-minute data in real time about the levels of toxins, chemicals, and other particles in the air. With this data, you’ll be able to take immediate actions to improve the air and keep it safe and healthy.

It’s especially helpful to parents who have young children in the house and for people with conditions like asthma, rhinitis (hay fever), and allergies. Allergens and toxins in the air you breathe can trigger an asthma or allergic attacks. With uHoo, you would know what is in the air you breathe. Knowing what you’re breathing in enables you to fight these ailments and become healthier.

Can I bring uHoo when I travel?

Yes, you can travel with it! uHoo is small and lightweight, almost the same size as a Starbucks venti cup, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. It weighs only 265 grams and is only 6.5 inches tall and 3.4 inches in diameter.

Why should I choose uHoo over other indoor air quality sensors?

Other air detectors on the market tend to focus on only a select few air quality indicators. uHoo’s technology is the most advanced, with nine dedicated sensors built in to an aesthetically beautiful product that is around the size of a Starbucks venti cup.

Does uHoo purify or filter the air?

uHoo is an air sensor and not an air filter. It provides you with the data you need to make specific changes in your habits that contribute to unhealthy air. For instance, when buying a new cleaning product or a new furniture, you’ll be able to know if it contributes to indoor air pollution in your home or office. uHoo does this by alerting you when the air quality reaches unhealthy levels. It also automatically provides recommendations of what you can do in that moment to get better air quality. Having an air filter / purfiier is great, but you won’t actually know whether it is effective or not unless you have a way to measure it. Having uHoo allows you to understand the air you breathe and help you identify the factors that contribute to unhealthy air, leading to a more long-term and effective solution.

If the air quality is bad, will uHoo provide the reasons?

uHoo will tell you which pollutants are causing your air quality to drop based on the nine parameters that it detects. Once which parameter has been determined, it would be easier to determine the possible reason.

Do I need a uHoo in each room in my house?

You have the option of leaving uHoo in one room or you can bring it to another room. We recommend placing uHoo in the area of your home where most people spend their time in because that’s what matters.

Alternatively, if you want to constantly monitor multiple rooms, you can also get a uHoo for every room and you’d be able to have an air quality dashboard of your home, which you would be able to see on the uHoo app.

Please note that the design of your home also affects the air flow. Doors, walls and partitions restrict the flow of air, thus the air in one room will be different from another. The air on one floor in your home would probably be different from another level.

Is uHoo safe around babies and children?

Absolutely! We made sure it is safe for everyone in the family from babies to children and even pets. However, like any other appliances in the house, we recommend adults install and use uHoo to ensure safety.

How do I get in touch with Customer Support?

We’d love to help out with any questions you have. Please send an email to support@uhooair.com. Our Suppor Team will be happy to assist you! They will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

What comes in the box?

The package includes the uHoo monitor, a micro-USB cable, and a power adapter.