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So many homes in the UK are sealed shut to be more energy efficient. However, that means there is no escape for condensation in the home. That dampness is the perfect breeding ground for mould to grow which can lead to serious respiratory and health problems.


Mould is toxic. Before you can start to see visible black mould on a surface, microscopic mould spores can already be in the air. When inhaled, they can compromise your airways, resulting in coughing, wheezing, congestion, sore throat and tightness in the chest. Prolonged exposure to mould can, unfortunately, cause lifelong respiratory issues such as asthma.


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Our survey of your property determines relative humidity, airflows, and temperatures which are key factors in the causes of condensation and mould problems. From this investigation, we can recommend solutions to permanently solve the issues plaguing your home.

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Trusted Condensation Control and Mould Prevention Specialists


If you are experiencing or are worried about the risks of condensation on windows and walls, mould & mildew, poor indoor air quality, volatile organic compounds, radon, odours and smoke, asthma & allergies, headaches, tiredness & common recurrent illnesses in your home or office then contact us now, we offer permanent guaranteed solutions to these problems.


Understanding Condensation and Mould Problems


For many years improved insulation standards in modern British homes has made them more energy efficient but has effectively sealed them up. This means that without an effective ventilation strategy the moisture produced by the occupants cannot escape and builds up inside the property. Each one of us produces approx 4 pints of invisible water vapour per day every day (more with babies and young children) which is a lot of moisture – a family of 5 produces approx 20 pints per day every day. High levels of indoor moisture or humidity can become visibly evident during colder weather as condensation on windows and walls. It also creates ideal conditions for mould and mildew to develop and also for dust mite populations to grow, both of which can lead to serious respiratory and health problems for the occupants as well as costly redecoration costs.


Importance of Effective Ventilation to Manage Condensation, Mould and other IAQ Problems


Inadequate ventilation performance usually results in visibly evident problems of streaming windows condensation and mould during winter and causes wallpaper and paint to peel. Mould is toxic, unsightly and is often accompanied by musty odours. Dust mites create allergens which trigger deadly asthma attacks. When inhaled, mould spores can compromise your airways resulting in coughing, wheezing, congestion, sore throat and tightness in the chest. Prolonged exposure can cause lifelong respiratory issues such as asthma. When dust mite faecal matter is inhaled it can trigger deadly asthma attacks. These are serious problems.


Whether your concern is condensation control or mould prevention, musty/bad odours, dust mites, asthma and allergies, other health worries (headaches, drowsiness, regular common illnesses), radon or poor indoor air quality in general, we have the permanent guaranteed solution. Our survey will assess the causes of your problem or concern and our condensation solutions will stop these problems and prevent condensation and mould.


Our quotes are no-obligation and our survey fees are fully refundable against an order for our permanent solution. In other words our survey is free if an order is placed. Book a survey today.