New Build & Retrofit

Fast, precise, compliant and cost effective

Our supply and fit installation service ensures whichever product or solution you choose is installed properly. All our installation partners are qualified and registered electricians who also hold the industry recognised Domestic Ventilation Installer qualification so you know your unit will be installed correctly and safely and will meet the manufacturer’s warranty requirements. Our partners are also trained in safe asbestos handling and removal.

Quality control

Our installers carry anemometers to check each ventilation unit’s performance once installed to ensure it is meeting minimum performance requirements. Under existing regulations this is only a requirement for MEV and MVHR installations but we do this for all products and extractor fans in particular as our experience dictates that most extractor fans (both new build and retrofit) do not meet their performance requirements once installed.

One of the most important aspects of our supply and fit service is turnaround/response times, which is sometimes within 48 hours. To book an install, get in touch with us now!