MVHR / MEV with integrated active air purification

Aim for and achieve apex IAQ for your home or office

We are experts in the procurement of ducted ventilation solutions (System 3 MEV and System 4 MVHR) which can be enhanced with our integrated active purification technology.


Our service covers all stages of the process from initial discussion/site survey and system design/specification through to system supply, fit and commissioning/compliance certification. Our next generation air purification technology actively removes all 3 categories of indoor air pollutants – particulates, microbials and gases. It is capable of seeking out these pollutants and purifying every cubic inch of the air in your home or office. In other words our technology turns your whole home into a safe purification chamber (see Sneeze test which illustrates how our technology kills germs at source before they can spread).


We work with self builders and architects alike.


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