Radon Gas Testing & Mitigation Service

Our Radon service can help you understand the risks of Radon in your area and explain how to reduce them

Radon is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas. It is formed by the radioactive decay of the small amounts of uranium that occur naturally in the rocks and soils of the United Kingdom.


Radon enters British properties from underground and is worst in high risk areas.


Radon emits radiation as it decays and can only be identified using Radon testing equipment.


Radon is recognised as the biggest cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Radon Gas Testing


Radon testing must be carried out using special radon gas detectors which identify the presence of radon gas within the property by counting alpha particle emissions. It is best to leave the detectors in site for as long as possible (minimum 2-3 weeks – ideally 3 months). Our Radon gas testing sensors detect and display alpha particle emissions in real time whereas most others require the sensors to be sent away to a lab for analysis to count the emissions. As part of our radon gas testing service we decide the most suitable location/s for the radon gas detectors to give the most accurate readings.


Radon Mitigation Service


Once the radon testing phase is complete our radon specialists will examine the readings. When elevated radon gas levels are measured beyond the Action Level we will recommend suitable mitigation options that will reduce the levels to below the Action Level including ventilated sumps and positive pressure ventilation.


We have the solution


Better Indoors offers both short term (4-10 days) and long term (3 months or longer) Radon testing programs throughout UK. We can advise on all Radon mitigation and reduction strategies including sumps and positive pressure ventilation. Better Indoors is a full member of the UK Radon Council (www.radoncouncil.org) and is a recognised Radon mitigation service provider on the Council’s website.


For information on Radon gas testing and mitigation solutions call the experts.