Why Choose Us

  • Better Indoors’ primary objectives are indoor air quality problem solving and the specification of solutions, delivering market leading products and technologies and customer satisfaction. Our solutions and services help create healthy buildings, improving the health and well being of occupants.  We pride ourselves on being precise, attentive, timely, informed and cost effective.


  • We have installed our solutions in thousands of domestic and commercial properties in the UK with many repeat relationships. Our solutions service is fast and efficient from initial contact, site survey and/or new build design/specification, installation by industry qualified electrical engineers and after sales/warranty services.


  • We are proud to be British and we supply and fit branded indoor environmental products with only the most advanced, patent protected technologies at their cores which deliver unique benefits and set us apart from all other products in this category. In ventilation we supply and fit branded products which are designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK and which are certified to meet Part F requirements.


  • We are the UK’s exclusive distributors to RGF Environmental Inc. (www.rgf.com), a world leading innovator, patent holder and manufacturer of air and water purification and food sanitisation products. RGF’s air purification technologies (Photohydroionisation (PHI) and Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy (REME)) replicate the natural air cleaning processes constantly occurring in the Earth’s atmosphere, destroying viruses, bacteria, odours, VOCs and other organics/gases and removing airborne particulates. RGF’s air purification products are used in over 4 million applications in over 60 countries around the world. What makes these products unique and more effective than passive systems like HEPA, UV-C, PCO/TiO2, incineration, cold plasma, ionisation only and hydroxyl cascades is they are proven to safely destroy pathogens and pollutants instantly at source no matter where in the indoor air or surface space they are emitted/aerosolised or touched as fomites. In the post COVID-19 world, this capability offers the single most effective method of disabling viral transmission in addition to existing mitigation guidance that is not dependent on the actions of people and as a result our solutions are helping rebuild public confidence in indoor spaces.


  • We offer the safest, most effective and proven solutions for COVID-19 prevention and deactivation in addition to current mitigation measures. Since the emergency hit, demand for air purification technology around the world has sky rocketed, all claiming to offer the best, most effective and safest approach. This has created a myth that all products and solutions are the same when they are most certainly not and it is vital that consumers, businesses and governments understand the true capabilities and especially how a particular technology works before making a choice. The reality is all technologies pre date COVID-19 and their drawbacks in terms of viral transmission risk are well known to experienced practitioners yet suddenly they are solutions to COVID-19. The fact is passive technologies have always allowed high risks to remain because of how they work. It is impossible for a passive unit to destroy a virus at source because the air must first get to the unit which could take hours or never depending on how far away the virus is and there is no guarantee the virus will be caught or deactivated as it passes through (viruses are smaller than HEPA’s 0.3 micron grading so will pass straight through and UV-C is only effective very close to the light source and needs time to destroy virus so only works in static scenarios ie. close to filters). Further, technologies such as PCO/TiO2 and cold plasma are known to produce dangerous levels of ozone and carcinogenic by-products such as Formaldehyde and ionisation only approaches do not deactivate dangerous pathogens. Since COVID-19, there have been many well publicized examples of how transmission risk remains a significant threat with passive systems. In June 2020 a flight from Doha to Athens saw a number of passengers become infected during the flight despite the airliner being fitted with HEPA filtration and are numerous examples of COVID-19 outbreaks in food processing facilities despite all mitigation measures being followed. These problems are not issues with our active technology which is effective in every cubic cm of indoor air and surface space simultaneously and continuously.


  • Our sale, survey and installation operations currently cover many parts of the United Kingdom. We can ship our products anywhere and to any market where our products are compatible and compliant without restriction (being fully aware, observant and respectful of any existing sales and distribution contract obligations).