The Lloyds Building - City of London

Lloyds contacted Better Indoors in March 2020 at the start of the COVID pandemic after reading about our award winning *Zero Ozone compliant HALO-LED™ units that deliver Active Air Purification and seeing our video, a process that goes beyond ventilation, filtration and GUV. They stated a desire to implement the point of emission protections against viruses including SARS-CoV-2 throughout their UK estates to create the safest possible workplace environment for staff and customers, starting with the landmark City of London building.

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Following a comprehensive ATP comparison study over an entire floor of the Lloyds building using random swab locations where the performance of the HALO-LED™ system was compared against the existing vaporised hydrogen peroxide fogging process the decision was taken to install HALO-LED™ throughout all Lloyds' UK estates. The study demonstrated the HALO-LED™ process had a faster reaction time and was permanent whereas the fogging was slower and not permanent. The most notable result from one swab location was a 98% reduction after 18 days compared to the control. Further the HALO-LED™ process did not require evacuation or other productivity disruptions and is perfectly safe to use with people present.

The technology inside HALO-LED™ was originally developed in the late 1990s by US environmental innovator and manufacturer RGF Environmental and is probably the most scrutinised and validated for safety and efficacy of all air purification technologies available today. All third party testing has been performed using challenging protocols created by independent experts in accredited laboratories and universities or state appointed testing bodies including Intertek plc, the world's largest and a FTSE-100 listed global operation. Some validation tests have attracted interest from US government bodies over the years including the Sneeze Test in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 by the Dept of Homeland Security that demonstrated instant 99% deactivation of sneezed microbials within a 3 foot radius of the infected person and more recently the SARS-CoV-2 test protocols developed with Innovative Bioanalysis by EPA and CDC that involved continuously nebulised virus into a real world sized 1,280 ft3 ventilated chamber that produced 99+% reductions versus control in all parts of the chamber in the air and on surfaces.

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Due to the Lloyds Building's special cultural interest and Grade 1 listing status (highly unusual for a post-war building and especially so for a building from the 1980s), the installation project that involved penetrating the HVAC ductwork could only be carried out by the authorised building consultant MEIT and facility manager Jaguar Building Services. Better Indoors provided consultancy for the HALO-LED™ specification and precise installation locations. A special adapter was designed by MEIT for the circular ductwork at the installation locations (lift lobbies on all floors) and Jaguar performed the actual installation that involved ductwork cutting, unit positioning and the provision of power which in this case was possible through local BMS terminals at each location.

The installation project was started in January 2021 and completed by March 2021. To date (June 2022) there has not been a single failure or any other problem or issue with any of the 145 devices supplied to Lloyds.

In February 2022 Lloyds requested a number of HALO-LED™ for showcasing in the new Markets Lounge which were provided by Better Indoors.

Today, the Lloyds website promotes its use of the HALO-LED™ technology as a key feature of its enhanced health and safety strategy following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in January 2022., stating "Each cubic inch of air emitted by our central air conditioning is purified by the REME Halo in-duct air purifier system, universally recognised as one of the best solutions for building air purification."

* Zero Ozone compliance is term used to describe the UL-2998 test protocol developed by Underwriters Laboratories that measures ozone emissions at the device to 5 parts per billion which is similar the background indoor ozone concentrations (outdoor levels are approx 10 times higher). Products that pass this test produce no more ozone than is always being breathed by humans indoors so by definition are safe. It should be noted the UK EH/40 Workplace Exposure Limit for ozone is inexplicably 40 times higher than this threshold at 200 parts per billion which is why we always recommend our customers should look for UL-2998 compliance for any air cleaning process including filtration and GUV. Very few if any products sold on the UK market meet UL-2998 meaning users are exposed to higher levels of ozone than normal indoor air which can have serious health consequences.

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