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Advanced Air Quality Testing

Have you ever wondered if you could see what you and your loved ones or work colleagues are breathing ?

The air inside your building is often many more times polluted than the air outside.

We offer 3 types of Indoor Air Quality Testing service:

General IAQ Assessment using our trend monitoring equipment

During these surveys we take snapshot readings of key IAQ metrics including Temperature, Relative Humidity, Formaldehyde, Total Volatile Organic Compounds, PM10, PM2.5, PM1, CO2 and NO2. We also inspect and measure the performance of the ventilation strategy of the building and advise on likely causes of IAQ issues and mitigation methods. We provide a comprehensive report of the measurements following our survey.

Cost per residential property: £250+VAT

Cost per commercial property: £695+VAT (per 100,000 ft2)

Microbial air and surface swabbings using scientific instruments

Each service comprises up to 10 sample locations. We provide a comprehensive report of the measurements following our analysis. Note air samples take 2-4 days for feedback.

Cost of each type (air or surface) is £595+VAT. Please note this service helps to prove the air disinfection effect of our active air purification products and is highly recommended.

Chemical absorption analysis of airborne VOCs.

A comprehensive sampling of the air for VOCs and mVOCs. The sampling kit is left in situ for 1-2 hours and then sent to our AIHA accredited laboratory partner who performs the analysis. We then provide a detailed report describing the findings, possible sources/causes and prevention/mitigation suggestions.

Costs are £695+VAT per sampling kit. Our report lists all detected VOCs and EPA Hazardous Air Pollutants. Separate inclusive Formaldehyde analysis – £795+VAT