Whole House Systems

Better Indoors range of ventilation retrofits and specification solutions covers all whole house strategies per Part F Building Regulations

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

PIV is the most common whole house strategy used in the UK. It is usually retrofitted to solve humidity and/or IAQ problems and is the only strategy designed this way (as opposed to being limited to new/self build scenarios). It is cost effective, energy efficient and relatively simple to install for experienced ventilation practitioners. In the UK properties are generally built to minimum standards which for ventilation usually means natural background ventilation (although we frequently come across poorly installed System 3 and 4 systems also). This often results in poor performance and consequent humidity related problems especially during the colder months. Better Indoors is an experienced retrofit specifier and installer of PIV systems and our products represent the very latest in design, energy efficiency and electronic innovation in the ventilation industry.

Mechanical Ventilation (centralised) with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

MVHR is the most complex whole house strategy and can be the most energy efficient especially when installed to Passivehaus standards using ground/air source heat pumps. MVHR delivers balanced supply and extract airflows via ductwork to the wet areas and living spaces from the unit. Moist air is extracted from wet areas which passes through the heat recovery unit where virtually all of the heat is enriched into the incoming supply air and distributed to the living spaces. In order for all the benefits of MVHR to be fully realised it must be designed into the building structure so must therefore be installed during the build phase so that ductwork can be run within voids that would later be difficult or impossible to reach. Duct infrastructure design & unit sizing, installation & commissioning quality and compliance are also critical. MVHR is a demanding strategy that requires experience across the entire procurement lifecycle from design, specification, installation and commissioning in order to achieve the best results. Better Indoors has many years experience supplying and installing MVHR solutions.

Mechanical Extract Ventilation (centralised) (MEV)

MEV is another complex whole house strategy that relies on ductwork to extract moist air from the wet rooms and trickle vents and/or air bricks in the living spaces for supply air. Like MVHR, MEV should ideally be designed into the building structure so it can be installed during the build phase although there is more retrofit potential – single floor properties with loft spaces (bungalows) for example. MEV is similarly demanding to MVHR and requires experienced service providers to achieve best results. Better Indoors has many years experience supplying and installing MEV solutions.

Extractor Fans

Better Indoors extractor fans deliver high performance and the latest functionalities that allow owners and contractors to quickly and easily set operating parameters to precisely match the ventilation requirement and see property specific and even tenancy specific data including energy used. These products are a perfect complement to whole house PIV where existing extractor fans do not meet minimum performance requirements per Part F. Better Indoor Extractor Fans can be installed on walls, ceilings, windows and in-line in voided spaces.

Single Room Heat Recovery (SRHR)

Better Indoors SRHR units deliver alternate flow heat recovery ventilation to wet rooms and living spaces on a room by room basis. Better Indoors specifies SRHR over Extractors in wet rooms if the requirement is to optimise energy efficiency/recovery. We also specify SRHR as an alternative if centralised whole house strategies are not feasible. The alternate flow feature eliminates the risk of “short circuiting” of air in confined spaces and allows multiple units to be configured in a manner that creates a strategic airflow throughout a property.