Food Processing

These units are for properties with natural background ventilation strategies or where it is not possible to install or retrofit into the HVAC/Ventilation unit/ductwork. They use patented Photohydroionisation ® / REME ® technology, which actively eliminates all 3 main categories of pollutants (particulates, microbials and gases) significantly reducing odours, pollutants, VOCs, smoke, mould, bacteria and viruses in the indoor air and on surfaces. The units create an advanced oxidation plasma (AOP) comprising hydroperoxides, superoxide ions and hydroxide ions which occur naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere and are known as Mother Nature’s natural, enviro-friendly cleaning agents. The AOP is distributed throughout the indoor space breaking down and destroying organic pollutants on contact thus purifying all the air and surfaces in the property at the same time. Further, the REME ® technology charges the plasma which induces particles to coagulate or stick together making them bigger and causing them to drop out of the air. Compared to traditional passive technologies which only purify the air inside a chamber which can be re-contaminated as soon as it leaves the unit, this integrated technology is far more strategically effective.

REME® ATS-HO Air Treatment System

(large commercial and industrial)
Most food processing facilities do not check the air for microorganisms on a daily or monthly basis. Bacteria and mold can continuously breed in ducts and on the evaporator coils of refrigeration systems. As a result, mold and bacteria settling out of the air can contaminate product and equipment surfaces. RGF developed the REME® ATS Air system to provide continuous protection in critical air spaces.

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IMSB Ice Machine Treatment System

The IMSB system is used on commercial ice machines which are prone to microbial contamination. If not cleaned well and regularly they can spread harmful germs to customers, patrons and employees. Microbial growth in ice machines is a common problem and can cause a biofilm or slime buildup. The RGF IMSB is your ideal solution to keep ice machine heads and bins clean and reduce scheduled maintenance and the risk of microbial contamination.
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RGF Conveyor Belt Sanitation Hood

Purpose: Sanitizing hood for conveyor belts.
The conveyor belt sanitizer unit is designed to be placed at the end of the food conveying process line just prior to packaging or other locations, where conveying surfaces may create cross contamination potentials to food products. This dry environment process incorporates high-intensity targeted ultraviolet light, ozone and Photohydroionization® to create a powerful sanitizing environment for all conveying surfaces. The unit can be mobile or mounted above or below conveyors for maximum exposure to food contact surfaces.
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Commercial Food Sanitation System

Purpose: Food sanitizer for the restaurant and hospitality industry.
The CFS System utilizes the RGF patented Photohydroionization® process, which has been approved in commercial food processing operations by the USDA and FDA. The CFS was designed for restaurant applications to reduce surface bacteria on foods such as meat, poultry, fish and vegetables, as well as extend shelf life to reduce waste of food. It can be used before preparing, cooking, or refrigerating to reduce contamination.

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Advanced Oxidation Panel

Purpose: Advanced oxidation panel for conveyor belt, auger, and food surface sanitation.
The Advanced Oxidation Panel is specifically designed for the food processing industry. Equipment and in particular, conveying surfaces can become contaminated during processing. This occurs when bacteria accumulates on the conveyor belt or auger surface as a result of human error, or when contaminated product transfers pathogens. While wet chemical sanitation systems exist, there are no alternative non-aqueous systems available for keeping belts, auger, as well as food product surfaces, continuously sanitized, in most cases immediately prior to packaging.
This dry environment process incorporates high-intensity targeted ultraviolet light and the Photohydroionization® process to create a powerful sanitizing environment for all conveying surfaces. The unit can be mounted above or below conveyors, augers or other surfaces for maximum exposure.
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Food Surface Treatment Tunnel

Purpose: 360-degree treatment tunnel and conveyor system for food surface treatment.
The RGF Food Surface Treatment Tunnel, utilizing Photohydronization® (PHI), is a breakthrough in food processing technology. The patent pending food tunnel is designed to be placed at the end of the process line just prior to packaging or prior to grinding. At this point in the process, the food tunnel can provide final non-chemical, anti-microbial treatment, and protect products from human error or other cross contamination events which may have occurred earlier during processing. The modular design allows for sections to be assembled to fulfill customer’s precise requirements.

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