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Radon Mitigation

Managing Indoor Radon Concentrations

If you have tested your home or workplace and high levels of radon have been reported Better Indoors can help with the specification and installation of one or both of the following recognised mitigation approaches:.

1. Introduce positive pressure ventilation to treat the air inside the building

2. Introduce powerful sump extraction ventilation to evacuate underfloor voided spaces and/or below ground areas

The main objective of mitigation is to reduce radon concentrations to below the Action level and ideally below the Target level.

Better Indoors, a member of both Radon Council and the UK Radon Association is an expert designer, specifier and installer of radon mitigation systems. We have performed numerous retrofits of our unique systems in radon hotpots all across the UK from the Channel Islands, Devon/Cornwall, Brighton & Hove, South Wales, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Liverpool and the Lake District and Scotland.

Radon testing is a simple process which any property owner or building manager can perform using low cost detector kits from or real-time sensors. Radon levels must be averaged over time due to daily fluctuations. 3 months is the usual time period although Better Indoors can provide reliable results using our real-time equipment after 14 days.

Watch the below UKHSA video for more information on recognised radon mitigation methods :

Radon Mitigation Design, Specification and Installation

We require floorplans (including foundation cross section if possible), a property description and your radon test report. Better Indoors is the only UK company capable of specifying remotely or we can visit the property anywhere in the UK at cost. Afterwards we will provide a specification and installation quotation.

Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems

Positive input ventilation (PIV) is the only whole building ventilation strategy designed for retrofitting. PIV is highly effective at reducing radon ingress by creating positive air pressure and reducing indoor radon through dilution/displacement/replacement ventilation. It is essential PIV is properly specified and installed in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Unfortunately poor performance is all too common in this industry mainly due to contractor ignorance and inexperience.

Better Indoors has specified and installer over 10,000 PIV systems across the UK over the past decade. We enjoy an enviable reputation for knowledge, quality, service and value for money.

Loft Mounted Positive Pressure System with integrated Photohyodroionisation technology
Wall Mounted Positive Pressure System - Government House Jersey

Sump Extraction Ventilation Systems

If your property has underfloor void spaces, suspended floors or the floor construction comprises soft substrate then sump extraction is usually a good recommendation. As with positive pressure systems, it is essential sump extraction is properly specified and installed in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Unfortunately poor performance is all too common in this industry.

The main purpose of sump extraction is to evacuate as much radon as possible from these spaces before it can ingress into the property above.

It should be noted radon sump extraction tends to be the default choice for most inexperienced contractors and is usually the main recommendation from UKHSA. In our experience sump extraction alone is not always the best mitigation. We can advise on the most suitable mitigation strategy for your home or office.

Radon sump at a domestic property in Derbyshire
Radon sump at a domestic property in Devon