Standalone Products

These units are for properties with natural background ventilation strategies or where it is not possible to install or retrofit into the HVAC/Ventilation unit/ductwork. They use patented Photohydroionisation ® / REME ® technology, which actively eliminates all 3 main categories of pollutants (particulates, microbials and gases) significantly reducing odours, pollutants, VOCs, smoke, mould, bacteria and viruses in the indoor air and on surfaces. The units create an advanced oxidation plasma (AOP) comprising hydroperoxides, superoxide ions and hydroxide ions which occur naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere and are known as Mother Nature’s natural, enviro-friendly cleaning agents. The AOP is distributed throughout the indoor space breaking down and destroying organic pollutants on contact thus purifying all the air and surfaces in the property at the same time. Further, the REME ® technology charges the plasma which induces particles to coagulate or stick together making them bigger and causing them to drop out of the air. Compared to traditional passive technologies which only purify the air inside a chamber which can be re-contaminated as soon as it leaves the unit, this integrated technology is far more strategically effective.


(small residential/commercial)
The REME ION improves air quality in the home or office by efficiently reducing allergens, odour, mould,  viruses, bacteria and VOCs (airborne chemicals). Employing REME-LED technology, advanced oxidation and ionisation, the REME ION quietly cleans the air you breathe.
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(small/medium/large sized residential/commercial)
The HALO-ROVE™ utilizes RGF’s patented Photohydroionization® (PHI-CELL®) technology to substantially reduce airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, odours, mould and VOCs (chemical odours). The HALO-ROVE™ is designed as a standalone, portable active air purifier capable of treating up to 1,000 square feet.

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