What is active air purification and how does it work.

Active air purification is the act of disinfecting the air by enriching it with a vapour called an advanced oxidation plasma that kills viruses, bacteria and pollutants. It not only continuously cleanses the air of contaminants, but also nearby surfaces, resulting in safer spaces all round.

The new way of
treating air

Our devices use proven patented active air purification technologies such as Photohydroionisation® or PHI® and Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy® or REME® to turn entire properties into safe purification chambers, so you don’t need a unit in each room. These processes are far more effective because they proactively fill the entire indoor space with the things that destroys the pathogens and pollutants, as opposed to having to force them through a chamber and/or collect them on a filter. Indeed, our technologies can make any existing filter investments in your HVAC system more effective resulting in lower energy bills and longer maintenance cycles.  

The old way of treating air

When you think about air purification, many people imagine a unit that filters the air of dust and particles as it passes through or passes it by UV-C bulbs. These are what we call passive air purification processes and they remain the predominant technique used by air purifiers. However, the performance of all passive technologies is conditional on many things and they offer absolutely no protection for surface contaminations. Our active air purification process on the other hand works unconditionally in every part of the indoor air and surface space on a continuous basis. It is by far the safest and most effective technique.