Innovative, Market Leading Products

Our market leading product range, comprising some of the most recently developed innovations and unique patented technologies, sets us apart from others in the ventilation and indoor air quality industries.
Advanced Air Purification
Our products have patented core technologies. Our approach to air purification is uniquely different to other products in that our systems enrich the air rather than having to pass all the air through a closed chamber to purify it. In other words our products turn the entire property (air, objects and surfaces) into a safe air purification chamber. This results in a far more efficient and sustainable purification of the indoor environment. Continue for more information on products, technologies and test results.
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Air Monitoring
We distribute u-Hoo – the world’s most advanced indoor air quality sensor device which tracks nine indoor environmental factors that affect your health and well-being. Temperature, Humidity, CO2, NO2, CO, O3, VOCs, PM2.5 and Air Pressure.

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Better Indoors ventilation products covering all Part F strategies comprise the very latest design and functional innovations and long term warranties which offer unique benefits and control to property owners and landlords plus ease and simplicity of installation to contractors.

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