Our mission is to create safer, healthier indoor spaces, so you can live, work and relax knowing the air you breathe is free of harmfull pollutants.

Did you know that, on average, we take between 12 and 20 breaths a minute? That’s nearly 1,000 an hour and 23,000 a day. Air is essential for our survival and health as human beings, and everyone deserves to live with the peace of mind that the air you breathe is safe.  

As leading air purification specialists, we’re devoted to making sure indoor spaces are safe. Based in the UK, we deliver market leading products and technology for domestic and commercial properties that cleanse the air and surfaces of viruses, bacteria, allergens, odours and other pollutants. With a wealth of knowledge about the technology and the industry, we’re proud to say we have the best, service-driven delivery team in the country.  

Our Goals

To Protect

A commitment to creating safer indoor environments

To Guide

Industry leading solutions backed by years of experienc

To Agitate

Campaigning and lobbying for better indoor air quality

Why Choose Better Indoors

As a leading air quality solutions company, our unique products are designed to ensure the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch in homes and workplaces is fresh, pure and free from pathogens and pollutants. Our technology isn’t our only asset. Our sales and service staff have many years of indoor air quality industry experience and knowledge.

Our products are powered by the most advanced, patent-protected and proven air purification technologies. Our active purification process destroys pathogens and pollutants anywhere they are emitted into the air or touched onto a surface, rather than simply filtering them. We offer various additional services too including swab tests for those wishing to evaluate our technology against fogging services (our solutions offer vast cost savings in this area), warranty checks and other after sales options.

We’ve installed our HVAC and air purification solutions in thousands of domestic and commercial properties up and down the UK and we enjoy many repeat/recurring relationships. We pride ourselves on being precise, attentive, timely, informed and cost effective.

Our Management

Andrew Hobbs

Founder and Chief Executive

John Upperton

Director & Chief Commercial Officer

John is an experienced Operations Director who has more recently moved careers to assist businesses fund within the SME sector.

In the past two years, has reviewed and helped numerous businesses with scale-up ambitions.

Over thirty years operations and supply chain experience in blue chip organisations across food, automotive, telecommunications, distribution and consumer products.

As part of a small Board, responsible for scaling a business from 11m to over £190m.

MBA and Exec MSc qualified and Fellow of Institute of Logistics and Transport.

John’s extensive network of experienced professionals and sector specialists are deployed to meet needs of retained clients looking to scale-up.

Operating on a Non Exec Director basis in this role, coupled with similar roles in several other SME businesses.

Susan Phillips

Company Secretary

Susan is a corporate financier and investment manager specialising in the private sector. She is an acknowledged expert in the Enterprise Investment Scheme and related tax-efficient investment vehicles. She also served as Director General of the trade body for EIS, the EIS Association for 8 years, hosting its activities and leading negotiations with both the UK Government and EU counterparts, launching a new technical qualification and expanding the membership by a factor of five.


Her early career commenced as Company Secretary with Burberrys, covering statutory matters for a complex group and including specifically the maintenance and defence of its IP portfolio as well as all governance matters for this international group.


Susan’s extensive network of experienced professionals and sector specialists are almost always deployed within engaged clients in order to boost resource, ensure focus and deliver the best value to investors.


She has run fund management businesses, one of which was an MBO sold to Abtrust (now Aberdeen Prolific) and successfully exited numerous companies over her thirty year experience in the field.


Her sector skills are broadly based, as are the businesses with which she works although she has in-depth experience in financial services, media, leisure, retailing, environmental/ethical investments and certain types of technology, including biotech

Loredana Hobbs

Head of Client Services & Logistics

Gary Miller

Non Executive Director

We are a national operation for both our own sales and installations as well as intermediary service and support covering all vertical markets. We also operate various quality assurance programs for approved sales and service partners.