2 Oct 2019   Why Indoor Air Is Critical To Well Being article on AIR QUALITY NEWS website


10 Jan 2020   Better Indoors Advanced Air Purification chosen as Finalist in 2 categories of 2020 H&V NEWS AWARDS


31 Jan 2020  RGF® Environmental Group and Alphay Donate Vela Aire™ PHI-CELL® Systems in China


22 Feb 2020  The Times Weekend Supplement – Homes & Interiors Checklist


23 Mar 2020  RGF announces it will continue operating as an essential business under the Department of Homeland Security definition for “Critical Manufacturer.”


20 Apr 2020  RGF Environmental Group’s New Conveyor Solution Sterilizes 30,000 N95 Masks Per Day to Help Healthcare Workers Combat COVID-19


29 May 2020  Las Vegas McDonald’s owner installs REME HALO in restaurants to help fight coronavirus


3 Jun 2020  Environ Safety LLC Announces RGF Environmental Group Solutions To Prevent Viruses And Bacteria Spread


8 Jun 2020  Macro Mechanical endorses RGF’s REME HALO “the best the industry has to offer”


11 Jun 2020  The Windlass in New Jersey installs RGF’s REME HALO


13 June 2020  Wall Street Journal: The New Germ Warfare. RGF’s technology being tested for New York City subway system


15 Jun 2020  RGF Environmental Group Helps Businesses Reopen Post-Quarantine


16 Jun 2020  Cyclebar in Portland, Maine installs RGF’s REME HALO


19 Jun 2020  Country Club New Orleans installs RGF’s REME HALO


22 Jun 2020  South Beach Grill in North Carolina installs RGF’s HALO LED


23 Jun 2020  New Jersey hair salon rebuilds confidence for staff and customers to return after installing RGF’s REME HALO 


24 Jun 2020  Chipotle ranks No. 1 among QSRs for COVID-19 safety measures, report says (Chipotle uses REME is all of its restaurants in North America)


25 Jun 2020  Pipe Works Services installs RGF’s REME HALO at Sorriso Kitchen in NJ


30 Jun 2020  Blue Marlin Maintenance and Services of Texas is “Getting America Back to Work Again” by installing RGF’s REME technology


7 Jul 2020  Nerva Energy Research Report on REME LED Technology


8 Jul 2020  Marlow’s Tavern & Restaurant installs RGF’s REME HALO


8 Jul 2020  Genesis Health Clubs install RGF’s REME HALO


24 Jul 2020  St Martin’s Episcopal School installs RGF’s REME HALO as part of its COVID-19 20-21 Re-Entry strategy (see FAQs document p4)


28 Jul 2020  RGF’s REME HALO LED wins coveted ACHR News Dealer Design Gold Award for the 11th time


Aug 2020  Children’s Soft Play Center Let’s Pretend chooses Better Indoors for active COVID-19 elimination and transmission prevention


12 Aug 2020  Palms Hotel & Spa installs RGF’s in-duct Active Air Purification System


12 Aug 2020  Intertek Sustainability Issues First Zero Ozone Certification to RGF Environmental Group for Air Purification System


18 Aug 2020  RGF tweet announcing successful COVID-19 testing of its technology for first responders


18 Aug 2020  RGF installs its IAQ technology in Sunshine Dentistry, NJ


21 Aug 2020  H.A. Thompson & Sons discuss RGF’s HALO-LED on KFYR-TV in North Dakota


24 Aug 2020  Former food safety advisor to The White House Dr James Marsden PhD joins RGF as Executive Director of Science and Technology


26 Aug 2020   United Safety Introduces RGF REME HALO Active Air Purification Into Public Mass Transportation System


28 Aug 2020  ATALIAN Global Services, a leading global FM provider with over 30,000 clients, incorporates RGF’s REME technology in its Illness Prevention Program


31 Aug 2020  HVAC systems are next battleground in the COVID-19 fight


1 Sep 2020  Forbes article “3 Covid-Fighting Technologies That Can Get Your Team Back To Work Sooner” features RGF Environmental’s PHI technology


2 Sep 2020  Academy of Our Lady of Peace get back to school safely with RGF’s REME HALO


3 Sep 2020   RGF Significantly Expands Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic


8 Sep 2020   REME HALO on Fox News with Skip Bedell


9 Sep 2020   Florida school reports ZERO COVID-19 cases with REME HALO


10 Sep 2020  RGF educates HVAC distributors and contractors about New #GermWarfare..


11 Sep 2020   RGF remembers and honours all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001


14 Sep 2020   RGF’s R&D Engineers Using Meteorites as Electrodes for Revolutionary New UV-C Germicidal Cells


15 Sep 2020  Swinging Doors Restaurant installs RGF’s REME HALO to enhance safety during COVID-19


16 Sep 2020  RGF’s REME HALO and HALO LED help rebuild confidence in Florida ahead of bars re-opening


18 Sep 2020   Florida Bars And Breweries Get Green Light To Open Monday, At Limited Capacity


23 Sep 2020   RGF expands use of AMADA fibre lasers in its US manufacturing facilities


29 Sep 2020   RGF welcomes its 500th employee


2 Oct 2020      RGF celebrates Manufacturing Day


6 Oct 2020      RGF discusses increased demand for IAQ products in ACHR News


7 Oct 2020      RGF welcomes National Indoor Air Quality Month – October 2020


12 Oct 2020.   Cleveland Ohio bars and pubs protect their staff and customers with RGF’s REME HALO units


13 Oct 2020    United Safety Active Air Purification for Mass Transit


13 Oct 2020    RGF’s PHI technology for School Buses with 99% COVID air and surface kill rate


14 Oct 2020    Palm Beach Day Academy, a prestigious school installs REME HALO and PHI-Cell technology to protect students as they return to classes


15 Oct 2020    President and CEO of COSI, Dr Frederic Bertley talks of about steps taken to reopen including RGF’s PHI technology


19 Oct 2020    RGF Shipping Dept working 7 days a week 24/7 to keep up with unprecedented demand


20 Oct 2020   Green Bay Metro installs REME HALO on buses to fight COVID


21 Oct 2020    Chipotle reports Q320 results. Revenue increased 14.1%. Citing “advanced air filtration systems” a key part of its COVID-19 safety protocols


26 Oct 2020    RGF releases the results of a third-party study that reveal REME HALO efficacy of 99.9% against the SARS-CoV-2 virus


29 Oct 2020    Better Indoors becomes SafeContractor accredited


2 Nov 2020     REME HALO & HALO LED on FOX35 for COVID mitigation


2 Nov 2020     Demand for RGF products soars by 500%


2 Nov 2020.    Connecticut based Madison Beach Hotel by Hilton installs REME HALO in its dining and banqueting halls to enhance safety


6 Nov 2020.    RGF adds more than 400 new jobs during pandemic


9 Nov 2020.    Penta Career Center in Ohio installs REME HALO throughout its entire campus


11 Nov 2020.   Mohawk College Climate Change Leaders project adopts REME in 10 schools for energy efficiency, sustainability and clean technology


12 Nov 2020    RGF announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Better Indoors for the UK and Northern Ireland 


23 Nov 2020   Newport Restaurant Group installs REME HALO in all of its restaurants


25 Nov 2020   Rocky River Public Library installs REME HALO with CARES Act Grant Funding for a virus-free environment


25 Nov 2020   Health Services Authority installs RGF’s Guardian Air QR+ to mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2


30 Nov 2020   Orangetheory Fitness Wichita installs RGF’s #REMEHALO to protect staff and customers


1 Dec 2020      IAQ Solution Helps Customers and Bottom Line


2 Dec 2020     New Jersey Contractor Helps Schools Reopen Safely with Indoor Air Quality Investments


7 Dec 2020     RGF shipments at Thanksgiving – continued 24/7 service


7 Dec 2020     Morgan the Apprentice installing the REME HALO


8 Dec 2020     E-ONE fits PHI to Marion County Fire & Rescue vehicles to protect first responders


8 Dec 2020     United Safety Brings Active Air Purification to School Transportation


16 Dec 2020   Growing Interest in Air Purification Systems


17 Dec 2020   TGI Fridays installs REME HALO and Package PHI in all 566 restaurants in the US


18 Dec 2020   Orange school board approves contract for air purification system


23 Dec 2020  Lloyds of London make their offices Covid-secure


23 Dec 2020  BBC Radio Surrey (Sarah Gorrell) interviews Better Indoors CEO Andrew Hobbs


7 Jan 2021      RGF and United Safety and Survivability Corp help protect Hillsborough County Fire Safety first responders


14 Jan 2021    RGF’s Total Indoor Air Purification Systems chosen for St Louis restaurants


15 Jan 2021    United Safety & Survivability Corporation promotes PHI & REME on its website


18 Jan 2021    USSC awarded a Statewide contract to supply RGF’s Active Air systems with PHI to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).


18 Jan 2021    Becket’s is protecting their staff and guests with RGF’s Total Indoor Air Purification systems


19 Jan 2021    Cyclebar of Utah installs REME HALO to keep their riders safe from COVID


20 Jan 2021    RGF announces Lloyds of London project. Refers to Better Indoors’ press release


21 Jan 2021    USSC Announces Partnership with GILLIG to Deliver Industry-leading Technology to Mass Transit 


27 Jan 2021    Fisher Brothers adopt PHI in 5 Class A buildings in New York City protecting over 8 million ft2 of premier indoor office, commercial and residential space


28 Jan 2021    Municode installs REME HALO in all HVAC units on their Tallahassee campus


1 Feb 2021      Griffin Claw restaurants upgrade HVAC systems to limit spread of COVID-19


1 Feb 2021      John C. Metz’s The Woodall to Open February 8 with REME HALO


2 Feb 2021      Columbus Fire & EMS Department purchases Active Air Purification Systems with CARES Act funding


2 Feb 2021      Utah charter school says their HVAC system prevents spread of COVID-19. REME HALO with CARE Act funding.


7 Feb 2021      “Time to get Active against COVID” article published in Feb 21 edition of H&V News


8 Feb 2021      Marlow’s Tavern – Our Commitment to your Safety video featuring REME HALO


9 Feb 2021      Tavern in the Hills in Pennsylvania installs REME HALO to protect staff and guests


10 Feb 2021    Better Indoors launches lease financing options for its active air purification products


10 Feb 2021    Lake Park in Florida approves funds for local restaurants and indoor entertainment venues to install RGF PHI and REME units


10 Feb 2021    Andrew Hobbs, CEO of Better Indoors remarks about risks of carbon monoxide poisoning in The Metro 


11 Feb 2021     REME HALO giving customers confidence at Grand Blanc restaurant


12 Feb 2021    BUSRide Magazine cover story features USSC, RGF’s partner in public transit


12 Feb 2021    Bodyplex gym installs REME HALO to help combat COVID-19 in the air


15 Feb 2021    Lake Park council offers local restaurant businesses active air purification units


16 Feb 2021    RGF introduces LUCIDIUM Pulse commercial UV system


17 Feb 2021    Oahu Transit Services Hawaii pilots USSC’s Active Air Purification with RGF Photohydroionization® PHI Technology


18 Feb 2021    RGF’s SARS-CoV-2 Testing & Discussion on Competitors since the pandemic hit with Dr. James Marsden – Executive Director of Science & Technology


19 Feb 2021    Grand Forks YMCA protects their facility with RGF’s Total Indoor Air Purification Systems


22 Feb 2021   Restaurant Owners: Focus on Active Air Treatment Solutions for Indoor Air Quality


23 Feb 2021  CDTA in NY is installing Active Air Purification on its Public Transport Vehicles


26 Feb 2021  RGF releases Independent Study: PHI-PKG14 PHI-CELL® Inactivates greater than 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 Virus in the Air and on Surfaces


26 Feb 2021   Change Environments Not Behaviors: How Active Air Filtration Can Help the UK Come Out of Lockdown Long-Term article in


1 Mar 2021    RGF Releases Industry’s First Test Evaluating Aerosolized SARS-CoV-2 Viral Reductions Directly in the Air


4 Mar 2021    RGF’s Total Indoor Air Purification Systems installed in schools such as Hartley Elementary School in MN to continuously and actively clean the air so students and staff can feel safe returning to school


5 Mar 2021    Grand Erie District School Board in Ontario installs RGF’s Total Indoor Air Purification Systems to help ensure a virus-free learning environment for students and staff. 


5 Mar 2021    The Emerging Intersection of Indoor Air Quality and Elon Musk


10 Mar 2021  Trane Tests Ozone-Free Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization, Finds it Ineffective Against Viruses and VOCs, Unsuitable for IAQP Ventilation Design


12 Mar 2021  Els Center of Excellence Completes Campus-wide Installation of RGF’s Air Treatment Technology


16 Mar 2021   Carrier promotes RGF’s Total Indoor Air Purification System


18 Mar 2021  RGF and Weather Engineers Provide Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) Facilities with Air Treatment Solutions across 29 buildings


23 Mar 2021  City of Virginia Installs RGF’s Airmation Vehicle Exhaust Removal System


24 Mar 2021  Merck, an innovative global healthcare leader with a 350 year history, installs RGF’s Total Indoor Air Purification Systems


25 Mar 2021  Landsea Homes provides RGF’s REME HALO in-duct whole home air purification system in their homes


3 Apr 2021     Office landlord goes the extra mile in battle against ‘sick buildings’


7 Apr 2021    Air-Filtration Industry Steps Up to Combat COVID


8 Apr 2021 article “Active Technologies Needed For Indoor Air Quality As Pandemic Plays Out”


8 Apr 2021    The invisible problem of indoor air pollution and why we need to take it seriously


9 Apr 2021    Capital Metro installs Active Air Purification from USSC


9 Apr 2021    United Safety & Survivability Corp Active Air Purification 


12 Apr 2021  Open Letter to address the use of Electronic Air Cleaning Equipment in Buildings


12 Apr 2021  Malcolm Gallagher FCIM, host of online BizVision talks to Andrew Hobbs about Active Air Purification


13 Apr 2021  TGI Fridays® Enhances Indoor Dining Safety with Newly Installed Air Purifying Systems


15 Apr 2021  HVN News article “Improve indoor ventilation to stay safe’ – Doctors add weight to IAQ message”


15 Apr 2021  The Lancet “Ten scientific reasons in support of airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2”


19 Apr 2021   Facilitate Magazine “Choose active rather than passive air purification technology, says Andrew Hobbs”


19 Apr 2021   ENR April 2021 “Cleaning the Air, Fighting the Virus”


19 Apr 2021   Survey of Home-Use UV Disinfection Products finds most UV products are ineffective and present a risk to users


19 Apr 2021   PHI part of $3.6m COVID Grant Notice of Award Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs


21 Apr 2021   Capital District Transportation Authority finds PHI “effective in continuously reducing surface and airborne pathogens inside the bus”


21 Apr 2021   BMJ article “Efforts to stop spread of Covid-19 should focus on preventing airborne transmission”


3 May 2021   Dilution is the solution: Restaurants figuring out how to mitigate airborne COVID pollution


3 May 2021    Kaiser Health News Report “As schools spend millions on air purifiers, experts warn of overblown claims and harm to children”


5 May 2021    The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill


6 May 2021    Can UV Light Slow the Spread of the Coronavirus?


7 May 2021    CDC website now emphasizes coronavirus spreads in the air


10 May 2021   After Months of Prodding, CDC Updates Guidance on COVID-19 Airborne Transmission


10 May 2021  Falsely Advertised?: Class Action Claims Global Plasma Solutions’ Air Cleaning Products ‘Make the Air Worse’


10 May 2021  Powering Up Indoor Air Quality in New York State Schools


14 May 2021  Green Bay Metro Transit makes investment to keep passengers safe from coronavirus


14 May 2021  Federal officials seek better rules about schools’ indoor air quality


15 May 2021 OSU researchers examine social distancing models, encourage caution


15 May 2021  Calls for post-Covid ‘revolution’ in building air quality


16 May 2021  Covid Is Airborne, Scientists Say. Now Authorities Think So, Too


17 May 2021  As Schools Spend Millions on Air Purifiers, Experts Warn of Overblown Claims and Harm to Children


17 May 2021  Plan buildings with better ventilation to prevent future Covid-like outbreaks, say experts


18 May 2021  Every Breath They Take: Ensuring a Safe School Bus Environment & Finding the Funds to Do So


18 May 2021  Ask more questions about buildings’ indoor air quality – say leading scientists


20 May 2021  The Benefits of Active Air Purification Technology for the Retail Sector


21 May 2021   The invisible problem of indoor air pollution and why we need to take it seriously


21 May 2021   No Silver Bullets for Indoor Air Quality


21 May 2021  San Diego educators interview atmospheric chemist Dr. Delphine Farmer on air quality in schools


24 May 2021  Deadly Fungi Are the Newest Emerging Microbe Threat All Over the World


24 May 2021  Broughton Fire Department installs REME HALO to protect first responders


24 May 2021  CYCLEBAR locations across the US install REME HALO to help protect their riders and staff


26 May 2021  Weather Engineers install new Package Rack system, where several Package PHI units are required at the main AHU


28 May 2021  Improving ventilation will help curb SARS-CoV-2 – There has been a misunderstanding on how the virus spreads


28 May 2021  Don’t Let COVID Stop You From Training your HVAC Technicians


31 May 2021   St. Paul’s High School Winnipeg installs HALO LED in their two school gymnasiums


31 May 2021   Embracing the science on airborne transmission is key to preventing new COVID-19 outbreaks


7 Jun 2021    Boeing tests corona discharge and needlepoint bipolar ionisation technologies and were “unable to replicate supplier results”


7 Jun 2021    NBC News: A Boeing study found the (bipolar ionisation) technology isn’t effective enough to use on planes. 


9 Jun 2021    Schools spending millions on air purifiers often sold using overblown claims


11 Jun 2021  Experts say more measures needed to address COVID-19 aerosol transmission


11 Jun 2021  Air Distribution in Critical Facilities and the link with Hospital Acquired Infections


14 Jun 2021  We’ve Known How to Make Healthier Buildings for Decades


17 Jun 2021  More Than 100 Missouri Schools Have Bought ‘Often Unproven’ Air-Cleaning Technology


18 Jun 2021  New Healthy Building Podcast – Better Indoors and why Lloyds of London chose REME from RGF


25 Jun 2021  Active Air Purification Technology – The Most Cost Effective and Sustainable Solution for COVID Free Healthy Indoor Environments – written for CIBSE Technical Symposium 2021


26 Jun 2021  Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms UV-C effect against COVID in real world sized area test. 2 log reduction versus 3.5+ log for REME


27 Jun 2021  Demonstrate the health of your buildings with a UL Verified Healthy Building Mark


27 Jun 2021  All classrooms to have 2 air purifiers next year, New York City officials pledge


29 Jun 2021  Worried About Returning to the Office? What to Ask Your Boss to Ensure You’re Safe


14 Jul 2021    Formation of Oxidized Gases and Secondary Organic Aerosol from a Commercial Oxidant-Generating Electronic Air Cleaner


16 Jul 2021  Improved ventilation essential to safe use of buildings and public spaces, say leading engineers


20 Jul 2021  SMS Environmental join forces with Better Indoors to deliver expert air hygiene services


21 Jul 2021   Striking The Right Balance Between Energy Efficiency And Indoor Infection Transmission Reductions


24 Jul 2021  Better Indoors retrofits innovative IAQ & heat management ventilation solution in luxury Kingswood home 


25 Jul 2021  RGF® Environmental Group PHI-CELL® Technology Approved in Canada and United Kingdom to Inactivate Airborne Viruses in Indoor Environments


26 Jul 2021  Turlock Transit installs PHI air purification on buses


29 Jul 2021  UK hospital figures for Covid cases ‘misleading’


29 Jul 2021  Silicon Valley is hardening line on returning to work — it’s fully vaccinated or bust


30 Jul 2021  ‘The war has changed’: Internal CDC document urges new messaging, warns delta infections likely more severe


30 Jul 2021  Internal CDC Presentation on breakthrough infections


30 Jul 2021  CDC warns that delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and may make people sicker than original Covid


30 Jul 2021  CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated


30 Jul 2021  Royal Caribbean shares tumble as 6 Covid cases discovered on board a ship, cruise line expands U.S. testing policy


30 Jul 2021  Better Indoors installs Photohydroionisation at Mishcon de Reya’s 2 London offices


30 Jul 2021  Colleton Medical Center receives 2019 Zero Harm Awards for zero acquired infections


31 Jul 2021  COVID-19: New deadlier coronavirus variant that could kill one in three infected people ‘a realistic possibility’, SAGE warns


2 Aug 2021  Cleaning Up the Air Could Help Prevent Alzheimer’s


5 Aug 2021  This scientist says cleaning indoor air could make us healthier—and smarter


6 Aug 2021  Dr Joseph Allen on COVID-19: “We should question employers about air quality”


6 Aug 2021  How can IPAC save itself? How can a field faced with broken public and professional trust mend itself? A small foray into the fatal dangers of closed-mindedness and myopic thinking, and what can be done about it now


7 Aug 2021  Nerva Energy’s Cleaner Air for Schools program incorporates RGF technologies in 250 schools, protecting over 112,000 students, teachers and staff


9 Aug 2021  Government ‘ignored advice from Sage to implement new guidelines for air purification systems’


9 Aug 2021  US EPA Results for Aerosol Treatment Technology Evaluation with Cold Plasma Bipolar Ionization Device


9 Aug 2021  Winds of change: Why building ventilation has never been so important


18 Aug 2021 Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority(LYNX) installs RGF’s PHI air purification systems in over 500 buses


19 Aug 2021  RGF’s new 40,000 ft2 Lakeland facility opens fully stocked ready for a second COVID wave in the US


19 Aug 2021  GPS Files Legal Complaint Against EnVerid and Zaatari


20 Aug 2021 Covid: Air purifier and UV light pilot to combat school virus spread


22 Aug 2021  Efficacy of radiant catalytic ionization to reduce bacterial populations in air and on different surfaces


23 Aug 2021  RMT threatens strike action over legionella on trains


23 Aug 2021  We studied how to reduce airborne COVID spread in hospitals. Here’s what we learnt


23 Aug 2021  Real-world volatile organic compound emission rates from seated adults and children for use in indoor air studies


23 Aug 2021  Employers hope to breathe easier and limit COVID-19 infections by improving ventilation


24 Aug 2021  Safe Education for All episode 5 with guest Andrew Hobbs


24 Aug 2021  When it comes to staff safety during the pandemic, the buck stops with chief executives


25 Aug 2021  Major spikes in hospital-acquired COVID infections at two trusts


25 Aug 2021  Horowitz: 15 studies that indicate natural immunity from prior infection is more robust than the COVID vaccines


26 Aug 2021 Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science and journals


26 Aug 2021 Bring Confidence Back and Increase Ridership. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how RGF’s PHI technology can mitigate the spread of viruses & bacteria on public transportation and help provide confidence to passengers & operators.


27 Aug 2021  COVID-19: Cases of coronavirus are rising – but is it time to panic?


27 Aug 2021  Airborne transmission of respiratory viruses: Mechanisms of airborne transmission


30 Aug 2021  Melbourne Australia: We studied how to reduce airborne COVID spread in hospitals. Here’s what we learnt


30 Aug 2021  COVID increases interest in air purifying technology | 7NEWS Austrlia


30 Aug 2021 US school reopenings set to infect tens of millions of children with COVID-19


30 Aug 2021  US EPA Results for Aerosol Treatment Technology Evaluation with Cold Plasma Bipolar Ionization Device (24 May 2021)


30 Aug 2021  Georgia Tech Study Shows that Electronic Air Cleaning Technology Can Generate Unintended Pollutants


30 Aug 2021  NYTimes article that illustrates the risks of passive methods when trying to control viral transmissions. Here windows are open and HEPA is used and yet half the pupils in the classroom were infected. Schools must have better protections. Schools must have Photohydroionisation.


31 Aug 2021  Unintended Consequences of Air Cleaning Chemistry: Decent article but pays little attention to the context of normal indoor pollutant concentrations which are far higher and more sustained


1 Sep 2021  Covid-19 air ‘purifier’ ad banned by watchdog


1 Sep 2021  Covid: how can schools improve air quality to reduce transmission?


1 Sep 2021  Covid: Welsh classrooms to get £6m anti-Covid air technology


1 Sep 2021  Concerns over plan to use ozone to disinfect classrooms in Wales


1 Sep 2021  Tweet that illustrates the dangers of relying on ventilation and HEPA ONLY for viral transmission control in classrooms. Half the class got infected with these measures in place.


1 Sep 2021   Article from March 2021 that discusses ionizers for classrooms from people with vested interests. Ionizers perform a function and are safe to use and have been for many years. 


1 Sep 2021   Air Force One Partnering with Clients to Install Technology that Improves Indoor Air Quality


1 Sep 2021  RGF® on Shake Shack Restaurants Partnering With National TAB to Sanitize the Air and Contact Surfaces With RGF’s In-Duct Air Purifiers


1 Sep 2021  A new CIBSE guide aims to equip specifiers and facilities managers with the knowledge to safely and effectively select air cleaners


1 Sep 2021  Carbon Dioxide monitoring to lower the coronavirus threat


2 Sep 2021  Covid: Welsh ministers accused of U-turn over ozone machines


3 Sep 2021  England’s schools must be made safe: An open letter to the education secretary


3 Sep 2021  Managing Covid-19 transmission during the winter will not be an open and shut case! article by Andrew Hobbs


7 Sep 2021  The Plan to Stop Every Respiratory Virus at Once, The benefits of ventilation reach far beyond the coronavirus. What if we stop taking colds and flus for granted, too?


7 Sep 2021  RGF® Environmental Group HALO-LED™ Proven to Reduce Coronavirus Surrogate MS2 Bacteriophage by 99.9% in Independent Testing


12 Sep 2021 WSJ: Covid-19 Could Become Like the Flu if More People Get Vaccinated


13 Sep 2021  A new approach to tackling the “cauldron of COVID” in schools and colleges – article by Andrew Hobbs


13 Sep 2021  Photocatalytic air purification mimicking the self-cleaning process of the atmosphere


13 Sep 2021  Review of ventilation strategies to reduce the risk of disease transmission in high occupancy buildings


16 Sep 2021  Far-UVC efficiently inactivates an airborne pathogen in a room-sized chamber


23 Sep 2021  UK businesses encouraged to create COVID secure workplaces as air purification technology added to HMRC Capital Tax Allowance List


27 Sep 2021  Fight Back Against Poor Indoor Air Quality – TMS Comfort


27 Sep 2021  Air quality expert warns against false technology claims


30 Sep 2021  Parent groups demand “immediate action” to protect schoolchildren from Covid


12 Oct 2021   ‘Serious errors’ by ministers and scientific advisers ‘cost thousands of lives’ during pandemic, says report by MPs


12 Oct 2021   Study that affirms COVID transmission risk rises with increased air change, a blow to ventilation as the primary COVID mitigation


14 Oct 2021  Welsh Government scraps £3m plan for controversial ozone machines in schools


19 Oct 2021  What We Know About Covid, the Flu and the Air We Breathe, opinion by Lindsey Marr


28 Oct 2021  Far UV-C (222nm wavelength) light is safe and effective way to kill SARS-CoV-2 virus, opinion by University of Colorado


28 Oct 2021  Far-UV-C efficiently inactivates an airborne pathogen in a room-sized chamber, study on


28 Oct 2021  High-tech air filters could put an end to Covid transmission in hospitals


28 Oct 2021  COVID-19 hospital airborne transmission prevented by air filters, study suggests (Fox News)


29 Oct 2021  Study: Indoor air cleaners fall short on removing volatile organic compounds


5 Nov 2021    Ventilate your home to stop Covid spread, UK government says UK-wide campaign will ask people to open their windows for 10 minutes every hour


10 Nov 2021  RGF® Environmental Group Announces Results for Aerosol Treatment Technology Evaluation With Photocatalytic Device in EPA Independent Study


10 Nov 2021  Air quality concerns are hindering a return to five-day office week


17 Nov 2021  NHS Trusts face uncosted £4m rise in energy bills


17 Nov 2021  Researchers find way to filter coronavirus particles out of the air


21 Nov 2021  Covid breakthrough as air cleaning tech ‘first in world’ to crush Delta variant


22 Nov 2021  DfE to provide 1,000 air cleaning units for AP and special schools


28 Nov 2021  From patient zero to billions wiped off global shares, the inside story of how the Omicron variant emerged