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Make better the air in your home or office

Our passion is creating and maintaining indoor environments where people can breathe fresh clean air and stay happy and healthy. This is a significant challenge in today’s world if you consider indoor air is often many times more polluted than outdoor air (up to 100 times more polluted according to the US EPA). In the UK, tightly sealed buildings and homes may be more energy efficient than older buildings but without adequate and effective ventilation plus other indoor environmental controls they can trap moisture, pollutants and microbes inside resulting in odour, mould and allergen build-up; causing discomfort and illness to the occupants.

Our team

Better Indoors has many years of experience in the indoor environmental and ventilation industries and we are proud to state that our products and solutions genuinely help improve health and well-being. From comprehensive indoor air quality surveys and problem solving solutions to consulting on new build ventilation specifications and installing the most advanced air purification technologies, we have the experience, expertise and commitment to ensure we deliver the right service for all of our valued customers.

Our history & industry background

Since 2013 Better Indoors has been providing innovative solutions to indoor air quality problems of odours, condensation, mould, asthma, allergies, radon and VOCs in domestic and commercial environments. We provide a complete end-to-end service from initial discussion and survey through to industry compliant installation and after sales services.

Our customer base includes homeowners, landlords and trade intermediaries and we enjoy many repeat relationships, having established an enviable reputation for quality and reliability.

Since inception, we have installed well over 7,000 solutions and are CHAS accredited and members of the Radon Council and UK Radon Association.

Demand for affordable retrofit solutions and innovative air purification/disinfection products is increasing following the introduction of new legislation (Homes for Human Habitation Act – March 2019 ) and government initiatives such as the APPG Healthy Homes and Buildings and NICE Indoor Air at Home. This demand has recently spiked with the global COVID-19 pandemic, especially for products like ours which are effective at reducing or eliminating infection transmission.

Our products offer marketing leading functionalities protected by patent, our expertise is sought after and our installations are second to none anywhere in the UK. In particular our air disinfection technology is uniquely capable of destroying coronaviruses and other organics instantly as they are emitted into the air from breathing, talking, coughing and sneezing. Active air purification technologies are a vital component in the fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus that causes deadly COVID-19 and protect public health.