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Air Conditioning

Residential / Light Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Do you require a Residential / Light Commercial Air Conditioning Installation that heats, cools, and ventilates?

Look no further…

We supply low-cost Residential / Light Commercial Air Conditioning solutions that are whisper quiet with state of the art built-in technology and optional wireless connectivity for full autonomous control of your cooling during summer. Our Residential / Light Commercial Air Conditioning systems also reduce heating energy bills in winter by using only a quarter of the energy of conventional heating systems.

The video below shows the simple steps involved in a typical Wall Mounted ductless split Residential / Light Commercial Air Conditioning system which are usually the cheapest. These systems are great for small or large rooms with a simple operating controller. Further they need very little maintenance (filters must be cleaned per manufacturer frequency to minimise service visits). Specifications depend on space/# room and # AC unit requirements. Installation is quick and simple and is usually complete within 4 hours.

Commercial Air Conditioning applications for large homes

For commercial buildings and large residential homes, we offer high capacity Commercial Air Conditioning VRV/VRF systems capable of heating and cooling larger occupant rooms with high ceilings and larger footprint spaces.  VRV and VRF systems offer optimal energy efficiency which helps to manage higher cooling and heating demands of larger homes. Further, the VRV and VRF Inverter technology allows for on-demand power consumption which minimises running costs.

Concealed Residential Air Conditioning Installation

Concealed Air Conditioning is achieved by hiding the ductwork in your walls, ceiling voids and under the floors so all you see is grilles and no wall mounted units. This is often preferable if aesthetics are important. This style of installation is usually only practical during the build phase of a property although retrofits are sometimes realistic. In any event but this is always subject to a site survey.

Do you have an old ducted Air Conditioning system in need of repair?

It is often the case with older Residential Air-Conditioning systems in situ, that the cost to replace is uneconomical. If following a site survey we determine repairs such as changing out evaporator fans, coils and compressors are feasible we will provide a quote. Alternatively we will provide a quote for a retrofit replacement system.