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Condensation and Mould Control

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So many homes in the UK are sealed shut to be more energy efficient. However, that means there is no escape for the moisture and other pollutants that are constantly being produced by you and your family from breathing, cooking, showering, drying clothes etc or the many VOCs that are released from furniture and household products. If left unmanaged excessive moisture can provide the perfect breeding ground for mould to grow and dust mite populations to develop leading to serious respiratory and health problems like asthma and excessive VOC levels can cause similar health issues.

There are mould spores in the air and on surfaces in every home – even the ones that are cleaned every day. Mould spores in low quantities are not harmful but if the environment is suitable they will start to grow. Like most living things, all mould needs to grow is food and water and poorly ventilated indoor environments provide perfect conditions. Mould is toxic. When inhaled, spores can compromise airways, resulting in coughing, wheezing, congestion, sore throat and tightness in the chest. Prolonged exposure to mould can, unfortunately, cause lifelong respiratory issues such as asthma which is a real problem for young children.

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Our survey determines the key causal factors and our solutions will eliminate the problem permanently. Our survey fees are fully refundable against an order for our permanent solution and there is no obligation. In other words our survey is free if an order is placed. Book a survey today.

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