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How to Stop Condensation on Windows in Winter

Easy fixes for how to stop condensation on windows

Stop Condensation on Windows

Do your homes have a problem with windows sweating whenever the temperature drops during the winter season? If it does, then you’re not alone. Condensation on windows in winter is a growing problem in the UK and its root has a surprising origin. Due to the sealed homes for restricting air leakage, the natural ventilation of homes gets reduced. This results in indoor air containing damaging levels of moisture. This can be downright irritating and can damage your home especially in case of older windows. It not only damages the plaster and rot wood molding but also causes interior condensation which can damage your entire home, not just the windows.

Excessive moisture inside the house causes the interior window condensation which often occurs during the winter season due to the condensation of warm air inside the house on the cold windows. On the other hand, exterior window condensation occurs simply when the window is colder than the dew point. Saturation of desiccant inside the widow or broken seals between the panes results in the condensation between the window panes.

Whether its interior condensation or the exterior, Its definitely not any fun to have a peer through hazy windows and you just want to get rid of it as it can possibly damage your house as well. Fortunately, there are various steps that can satisfy all your queries for how to stop condensation on windows in winters.

The most common type of condensation is the one that occurs on the inside your windows I.e interior condensation. There are various things you can do to stop condensation on windows in Winter:-

1. Turn Off The Humidifier

If you use a humidifier, you might notice condensation in your kitchen, bathroom or nursery. You can try turning it down so that there is less release of moisture into the air and this will primarily reduce the condensation problem.

2. Install A Moisture Eliminator to Stop Condensation on Windows

You can buy a moisture eliminating device if you suspect there is excess moisture in certain areas of your home. You can use these devices to remove moisture from the air in kitchens, bathrooms, or closets.

3. Use Fans In Kitchen And Bathroom

Every time you cook or take a shower make sure to use your kitchen and bathroom fan. A lot of moisture is released in air during cooking and showering and sometimes this moisture cannot escape from your house easily. You can remove this moisture with the help of exhaust fans. It is recommended to run the fans for 15 to 20 minutes after you shower or cook.

4. Ceiling Fan For Air Circulation

You can also reduce the condensation on your windows by circulating air using ceiling fans. Rotating the fan in a clockwise direction can push the warm air off the ceiling back down to the floor.

5. Opening The Windows

You can let your windows open if it isn’t too cold. This will help in releasing out the warm and moist air that is trapped indoors and will enhance the indoor air quality of your house during winters.

6. Contact The Experts to Stop Condensation on Windows

If the problem of window condensation during winters is to a greater extent, then it can seriously cause damage to your house in the form of mould formation. This condition triggers other risks related to health as well. problems like allergies, cough, chest pain, etc are likely to occur. If you discover such symptoms in anybody living in the house then it should be your prime concern to handle this. If the problem dosen’t get resolved from above measures then you should contact condensation removal and ventilation specialist. We at better indoors are indoor air quality experts that can help you in providing condensation removal solution for your home.